Telecom26 to attend April meeting of the GSMA’s Wholesale Agreements and Solutions (WAS) Group
11 April 2024

Telecom26 to attend April meeting of the GSMA’s Wholesale Agreements and Solutions (WAS) Group

11 April 2024

Telecom26 will be taking part in the GSMA’s Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group (WAS) meeting which will take place April 16-18 in Istanbul.

WAS is responsible for operator-to-operator and operator-to-hub interoperability (including interworking and roaming) to provide GSMA members with a consistent, reliable GSM service to offer their customers. Operators and vendors are both part of WAS and meet to share experiences, discuss upcoming standards and problem solve together.

A variety of topics will be discussed in April including:

  • 5G Stand Alone and slicing
  • Innovation in Roaming & new actors
  • Billing, Charging & Settlement
  • Network Security
  • Wholesale Roaming in 2024: Navigating Trends & Innovations

As a full operator member of the GSMA, Telecom26 will be there sharing our experiences and learning from our partners - and peers. If you are also attending and would like to arrange a time to talk then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be in Istanbul.

WAS meetings are essential dates on our calendar, for the simple reason that our services depend on the agreements we forge with our network partners. Since our speciality is roaming, traffic from remote devices needs to be routed effectively – using our network of networks, with Telecom26 at the heart.

Understanding what’s happening in this community – and tackling emerging challenges - is essential to the optimisation of our services. One topic we’re particularly interested in is 5G roaming. While it’s early days, full 5G SEPP roaming is one its way – so as an industry, we need to prepare for this and to develop the business models to support it.

That’s why WAS is so important to the global operator community – it’s the place where we can have the kind of open, forward-looking discussions we need to support our services and our customers in the future.

Telecom26’s global connectivity services

Our core customer base are enterprises, OEMs and NGOs who want a single delivery partner, cross-border solutions and network coverage that is secure, resilient and can be tailored to meet specific and evolving needs.

We offer a full range of telecom services and global connectivity options including 5G (where available), LTE, Wi-Fi, private networks, 2G, 3G and 4G, as well as satellite and offshore connectivity capabilities. We use networks built and operated by other providers - currently 1100+ cellular networks belonging to 650+ MNOs in 200+ countries – while controlling our traffic from our own mobile core.

We do, however, have a number of USPs which enable us to offer a service that matches, and, indeed in most cases, surpasses the offering of the big brand MNOs, Our USPs include:

  • A razor-sharp focus on our role as a global connectivity operator providing international connectivity and roaming services.
  • We own and manage our own core network which provides us with independence from other MNOs, vital to ensure the highest level of security and data integrity. 
  • We have 350+ direct inbound roaming agreements which enable subscribers to roam onto both our maritime and private networks ensuring reliable full global coverage.
  • We can customise our offering, and build routing profiles for each customer according to their needs and budget. For example, for organisations that are more price sensitive we can ensure that they automatically connect to the cheapest service in the area, rarely access expensive satellite links - and make the most of wifi for data-heavy up and downloads.

Telecom26’s global connectivity SIMs 

At the heart of our offering are our global eSIM and physical SIMs which provide seamless access to all of the networks covered by our global roaming service.

If you’d like to organise a video call to discuss how we can help improve the global connectivity of your team and the devices they use when they are out and about including maritime connectivity and IoT connectivity please get in touch.

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