5G coverage from Telecom26Enhanced mobile broadband connectivity and more

5G coverage from our networkHigh-speed connectivity to boost your business

5G coverage is available for our customers, delivered via our partner networks. Where available, you can connect to any 5G network, giving you enhanced data connectivity, depending on the capabilities of your devices.

Our 5G coverage footprint is growing all the time, as our partners rollout new high-speed networks. We regularly update our coverage lists, so you can check where you can access 5G.

5G connectivity for your business


5G is available to all our customers, so where 5G networks are available, you’ll connect automatically, ensuring you benefit from the highest possible performance. 

Enhanced Mobile Broadband

EMBB is the most widely deployed version of 5G, and it’s available for you in a growing list of countries and networks

Rapidly growing coverage footprint

As our operator partners roll out their 5G networks, our customers gain more connectivity options

5G included in our packages

5G is included as standard, so there are no extra charges or hidden costs. Roam onto 5G, with no hassle or bill-shock

One SIM for global coverage

Our multi-IMSI global SIM / eSIM cards provide enhanced connectivity in even the most remote areas

Dedicated support

Get a single point of contact for your account. All your questions answered and backed by 24x7x365 service!

API access, full management portal

API access for business process integration and a comprehensive interface, for full control of IoT devices

Benefit from any network

5G, 4G, 3G, 2G

Telecom26 offers outstanding flexibility, giving you access to the latest network enhancements through our global partners. This means you can connect to any network supported by your devices, all with a single global SIM or eSIM.

We ensure you get coverage where you need it, with the optimum performance delivered, depending on local conditions.

Telecom26 now has 5G services enabled in over 50 countries.

The right service from a single supplier

Choose the right bundle for your applications and business and manage costs and benefit from a single global bill

Optimised for flexibility

Easily add new devices and connections, choose SIM or eSIM for maximum flexibility

Fine grained control

Control network interfaces and load balancing policies for specific domains, web sites, IP addresses, protocols, or clients

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Securing remote connectivity to collect your data with IoT SIMs from Telecom26


Low-cost, predictable rates

Regional and global plans, monthly or pay as you go

Everything you need to obtain global connectivity, from a single platform and a single supplier – Telecom26.
The IoT network for your business.

Global monthly

Monthly plans as low as:

2.00 per GB

200+ countries & territories
  • Private APN & VPN available

  • Real-time SIM/ service management
  • Fixed IP addresses available
  • Data pooling available

Global PAYGO

Global data rates as low as:

0.01 per MB

200+ countries & territories
  • Simple, flat rate pricing
  • Private APN & VPN available

  • Real-time SIM/ service management
  • Automatic recharge
  • Flexible data billed by KB

SMS plans

Prices as low as:

0.05 per SMS

200+ countries & territories
  • Custom sms bundles
  • 100-1000 messages

  • No long-term contracts
  • SMS pooling available
  • Device to device, device to cloud
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