Financial services companies, eSIMs and global connectivity
15 September 2023

Financial services companies, eSIMs and global connectivity

15 September 2023

Financial services is a strong and growing vertical sector for the eSIM and global connectivity team at Telecom26 as businesses look to cut the cost of keeping their employees connected as they travel around the world.

In a previous blog Cutting the costs of global connectivity for business travellers, we discussed our two global connectivity services for business travellers:

  • Talk, Travel & Text is our global connectivity service that provides cellular voice, data and SMS to Business Travellers.

Designed exclusively for Enterprise business travellers, Talk, Text & Travel connects our customers to the best network when they travel – and, importantly, enables them to continue using their existing subscription in their home-zones if they wish (for example, they might still be in contract).

  • Enterprise Data Extra which provides business class data global connectivity in more than 200 countries, with more than 1100 roaming partners worldwide. Better still, it’s backed by boutique customer support solutions to give business travellers the personalised global connectivity care they need – and deserve.

For anyone from the financial services industry looking to streamline their global connectivity service, our global connectivity and eSIMs teams have prepared a new case study about how we are helping a global bank to reduce the cost of its mobile phone bills which you can download here.

In a nutshell, hundreds of the bank’s employees travel regularly to meet clients and visit the bank’s offices spread across 90 countries. Their connectivity for remote data access was previously provided through MiFi devices and the data roaming offering of two MNOs in the bank’s home country.

Unfortunately, this approach created a number of problems including high roaming charges, limited network coverage, and slow data down/uploads. It was also impossible to change SIM profiles so that usage, and costs, could be controlled.

And so, the bank conducted a detailed analysis of the global connectivity options available from across the industry including Tier 1 global MNOs and small satellite providers.

One solution offered by many of the companies that tendered for the contract was for employees is to buy local SIMs to provide global connectivity for devices. Unfortunately, this limits a device to one or two MNOs in each country - and adds juggling multiple SIMs across devices to find the strongest local network to a long list of challenges. Having multiple mobile contracts and service plans is also more expensive.

After an extensive evaluation of its options, the bank chose Telecom26 as its global connectivity provider with coverage being provided through Telecom26’s eSIMs.

Telecom26 eSIMs and global connectivity

  • Offer all the functions of a physical SIM
  • Are very easy to download onto a phone, mifi or router
  • Seamlessly switch between multiple networks both in-country and across borders
  • Complement any existing SIM subscription to the service of a home mobile operator; users simply switch to the Telecom26 eSIM profile when they are roaming
  • Can be set up to identify network priorities; for example, for organisations and people that are more price sensitive

Telecom26’s eSIMs deliver measurable global connectivity results

Hundreds of the bank’s employees have now installed Telecom26’s global eSIMs profiles onto their Apple and Android devices and are receiving an always-on, high quality global connectivity data service which they can use to create personal hotspots. They no longer need to worry about patchy coverage, switching SIM cards to find a stronger network, using multiple devices or finding a wifi hotspot. The bank’s employees can continue to use the service of their home operator and switch to Telecom26’s service when they are roaming.

There is no porting, no migration and no disruption to the services they already have. They simply switch profiles when roaming. For the bank, bill shock from excessive roaming charges has been eliminated and it now has one point of contact and one set of SLAs for its global connectivity. All transactions are detailed and provided on a single bill. We have also eliminated the need to physically send out SIM cards which has also saved time and costs.

Get in touch for global connectivity and eSIMs

Telecom26’s customers include enterprises, OEMs and NGOs who want a single delivery partner, cross-border solutions and network coverage that is secure, resilient and can be tailored to meet specific and evolving needs.

You can read more about our global connectivity Enterprise Data Extra service here.  When your company or organisation needs mobile access in areas outside your home zones, you may not be getting the best deal from your mobile service provider.

The Telecom26 Enterprise Extra solution provides global mobile data connectivity, alongside your existing subscription – so your team can get connected. It’s a straightforward approach that removes the confusion of inconsistent feature availability and coverage maps that promise more than they deliver.

And you can learn about Talk, Text & Travel – our complete travel physical SIM and eSIM global connectivity solution for businesses -  here.

If you’d like to organise a video call to discuss how we can help improve the global connectivity of your team when they are out and about using our eSIMs including maritime connectivity, IoT and global connectivity please get in touch.

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