Cellular at SeaA full mobile network onboard for crew and passengers

Cellular at SeaA private mobile network designed and optimised for use at sea

Cellular at Sea can be on a vessel or offshore infrastructure – can be used by people, for communications services, as well as SIM-enabled devices for IoT and M2M applications. 

The Cellular at Sea service enables all your devices to connect while at sea – under your control – so that you can provide mobile services for your crew, as well as for on-board IoT devices. And, there is also the additional option to switch to near-shore networks when they are in range – saving bandwidth and reducing satellite costs.

On-ship mobile services from Telecom26

Cellular at Sea is a private cellular network on a ship. We provide the 4G (and future 5G) local radio coverage to ensure that connectivity is available, and provide SIMs or eSIMs to enable devices to connect. The coverage provided in the private network at sea means any approved device can communicate with others locally. And, because they are connected to our core via satellite, they can access any other global service – for outbound and inbound voice and data communications.

  • Private mobile network onboard
  • Cost-effective global coverage
  • Worldwide roaming with multiple network partners
  • Reduce dependency on costly satellite services
  • 1100 network partners globally
  • Reduce expenses on satellite

Cost-effective, global coverage

Obtain secure, cost-effective coverage for any application or device – crew communications, IoT streaming, application connectivity – and more.

Telecom26 seamlessly connects you to the optimum network when cellular coverage is available. Wherever you need it, we’ve got you covered.

Benefit from worldwide roaming

Telecom26 has more than 1100 connectivity partners, which means you can get connected, everywhere.

Our service manages connectivity to enable you to access communications and data services, allowing you to benefit from prices that are competitive with terrestrial rates, unlike other providers.

Streamline costs and reduce expenditure

Cellular at Sea from Telecom26 helps you reduce dependency on costly satellite connectivity, streamlining costs and ensuring access to high-speed land-based mobile networks.

It reduces budgets and conserves cash. Our service can be optimised for the performance you need.

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